DIY-underground-label for harsh noise, HNW, drone, ambient, experimental, noisecore, grindcore...


Please read and understand the following rules when dealing with VBP!
Updated in December 2014.

1) General things:
Please do NOT send me pornographic/sexist, Satanic/anti-Christian/occult (or similar) and/or Nazi/Socialist/Communist stuff! I am not interested in these things/ideologies (in fact, I'm openly and absolutely against them) and do not want to have them in my collection or my sales list!
If you do send me porno/sexism and/or Nazi/Socialist/Communist stuff, it will result in it being thrown into the waste and me being pissed at you. Anti-Christian/etc. material might not suffer the same extreme fate, but I will still not be happy about receiving it.
Moreover, sending me Nazi-material can get me into serious trouble with the German law, no matter how serious or unserious the material is (a just-for-fun CD with a swastika on it is still a CD with a swastika on it...), so please NEVER EVER include ANYTHING like that as a bonus or so when you send me a pack!!
And in case you wonder: yes, I'm a Christian.

2) Trades:
- If there were problems with our last trade coming from your side I want you to send your pack to me first and I'll send you mine when I got it.
- If possible no 1-item-trades please. I pay the same shipping costs up to 500 g and so it's relatively expensive to send you just one item. Exceptions are possible.
- Please send packages by airmail!!! The only situation I don't care about it is when I only have to send you my stuff when I got yours.
- People outside of the European Union, please put a custom-declaration on the package, THANKS!!!

3) Release-requests:
Submissions of any kind are no longer accepted. No matter what it is, I will reject them. If I want to release something from you I will contact you!

4) Release-conditions:
- If I release a standard CD-R from you I will send you covers only, also if it's a pro CD-R with stickers on the disc (then it'll be artworks + stickers).
- If it's a pro CD-R with print on the disc or special package release (or a tape) you will receive full copies from me (this kind of release is what I do these days!).
- I usually send artists 25-30% of the covers or copies (see above) if we're talking about a solo release. The quantity differs for split releases and depends on the total amount of artists on it.
- I generally don't have money for color-print, I mostly do black/white. Black/white on colored paper is no problem.
- If you have a print-ready artwork and it contains copyrighted images, please note that the full responsibility is yours, in case something stupid happens because of these pictures (legal issues etc.).
- I generally prefer releasing exclusive material, not re-releases or physical versions of previously released net-releases. Re-releases can be possible, depending on what it is, but physical versions of net-releases are out of question for sure.
- You can submit your stuff via the internet (WeTransfer or so).

5) Orders:
- I can hold some stuff for you if needed, but not for many months or even years, so please make sure you have the cash ready when you order something! Exceptions for friends are possible.