DIY-underground-label for harsh noise, HNW, drone, ambient, experimental, noisecore, grindcore...

Available releases

VBP 002 - 6-way Sin Decomposition split CD (co-released with ChristCore Records)
released August 23rd 2007
The most extreme Christian split CD ever with Eternal Mystery, Flactorophia, Demonic Dismemberment, Vomitorial Corpulence and Engravor! Raw grindcore, goregrind, deathgrind and noisecore from all over the world, don't miss it! 83 songs in total in over 70 min!
Professional CD with 8-page full color booklet and tray, limited to 500 copies.

VBP 100 - Paregorik / Ataraxy / Napalmed / Wormhead split 7" EP
released on March 10th 2012
After months of delay due to pressing-problems and other stuff it is finally out now!!! This 7" record marks the vinyl-premier for Paregorik (Czech Republic), Ataraxy (Germany) and Wormhead (Germany) and another nice addition to the extensive discography of the legendary Napalmed (Czech Republic).
Paregorik offers violent DIY harsh noise, Ataraxy contributed a short hypnotic multi-layered HNW recording, Napalmed shares some quality harsh noise with electronics and metal junk and Wormhead closes with experimental harsh noise. Each track is 3 minutes long and killer, this record will not disappoint any harsh noise lover!
High quality black 7" record with color-printed labels, full color cover sleeve and an insert from each project (DIY or pro, depending on the artist), limited to 300 copies!

VBP 154 - The People's Noise Project "The People's Tape" recycled tape
Released on June 30th 2014
Who would have thought that there'd be another TPNP-release after the 3 best-selling female pop-singer tributes whose sales guaranteed the project to resettle to Hawaii and live a life in pure luxury... But sun, drinks and hula-girls aren't everything in life and now we got this brand-new recording after a long pause of two years! Finally! According to the VBP-marketing-department, the people all over the globe have been waiting for this deluxe and high-quality release. Under these circumstances, the project needs to come back, of course, and satisfy the people's needs - otherwise it shouldn't be called TPNP.
Anyway, here we got a surprisingly (relatively) clear and heavy recording of a bit over 17 minutes of improvised music that takes us to some metal- and sludge-moments, besides the usual noisecore- and noisegrind-madness. Including some oddly musical passages... The people will love it!
Released on (mostly black) recycled tape with a 6-panel artwork in the old-school cut-and-past-style, unlimited.

VBP 165 - Ataraxy "Worship" digipak pro CD-R
Released on May 21st 2016
A very special album that was in the planning phase for several years and is finally materialized and available now. Presented in a beautiful high quality digipak, this recording covers a wide range of styles, from ambient & drone noise to harsh noise and HNW. A single session split into 7 tracks with a running time of over 45 minutes.
Factory manufactured pro CD-R in 4-panel digipak, limited to 100 copies