DIY-underground-label for harsh noise, HNW, drone, ambient, experimental, noisecore, grindcore...

About VBP

Vomit Bucket Productions is a small underground DIY-label from southern Germany. It's done by one person only (me = Gag) and is a personal hobby of mine that I simply enjoy doing very much. I make sure to get the nicest and best possible result for each release, but the label has no commercial intentions or other big ambitions in any way. I already had a love and desire for recording stuff myself and designing releases back in 2002, even though everything was done in a very amateur way back then, and VBP gradually evolved from that.

VBP started in June 2007 when I was about to self-release Vomitous Discharge's "Festering Carcass covered with Rot" pro CD-R and felt it would be cool to have a label-logo somewhere in the artwork. From then on, VBP was simply a "label" to release my own stuff, I didn't release anything from others that wasn't a split with Vomitous Discharge or another project of mine.

After the Vomitous Discharge pro CD-R, the next release was the "6-way Sin Decomposition" split CD, co-released with Christ Core Records. After these two pro releases, VBP got much simpler, handmade and underground, releasing CD-Rs and tapes with black/white xeroxed or laser-printed artwork on white or colored paper or (occasionally) CD-Rs with print or stickers on them and pro-printed artwork.
In 2010, I tried my luck at producing a release with special handmade packaging for the first time (Ataraxy "Creation") and because it went so well, some more handmade stuff followed in the years to come.
In late 2010, VBP also participated in a vinyl-coproduction for the first time (Insomnia Isterica/Gokurtrussell split 7" EP), and a pro tape ("Horsemen of the Apocalypse") was co-released in 2011.

Until early 2009, there haven't been that many releases on VBP, but this changed and the release-rate increased significantly once I started my noisecore project The People's Noise Project and especially when my harsh noise project Ataraxy was born.
The first release that did not carry any music by myself was the Ezcaton/NRYY "Phyllobates Terribilis" split CD-R. From then on I also released solo-albums from other artists or splits featuring only artists other than myself.

2009-2011 and especially 2012 were very active years with tons of releases, mostly simplistic CD-Rs with 2-page covers only, which led to a point where I felt I kind of overdid it. I felt like I simply released way too much and needed a break. I also had to realize that DIY-releases weren't selling extremely well and that my stock-boxes kept filling up, but almost nothing went out. So for the most part of 2013, VBP was back to being mainly a label for my own stuff only, also just relasing something occasionally.

Towards the end of 2013 things changed again. I decided to try releasing stuff in batches, which seems to be a strategy that has worked well for several people I got to know over the years. My idea is to release 3, maybe 4, batches of about 4 releases per year now.
Since I took this decision, all my stuff is done more carefully in a more elaborated way than before. All CD-Rs now have print or spraypaint on them and I don't want to release stuff in simplistic plastic sleeves anymore.

The first half of 2014 brought a hard but necessary decision to my mind. Because of a continuing lack of interest in the VBP-releases and weak sales, I decided to release everything I planned up to this point during the course of the year, but when these releases are all out, VBP will change back to its initial state: a "label" for my own stuff only.
Release-submissions of any sort are no longer accepted, no matter what it is, I will reject them.