DIY-underground-label for harsh noise, HNW, drone, ambient, experimental, noisecore, grindcore...

My bands & projects


style: harsh noise / HNW
formed in June 2009
line-up: G.G. on noises, hardware & vox

(The People's Noise Project)

style: noisecore
formed in March 2009, on hold
line-up: Gag on drums, guitar, bass & vocals

(Vomitous Discharge)

style: goregrind (early), grindcore (later)
March 2006 - June 2010, RIP
line-up: Gag on drums, guitar, bass & vocals

(Splattered Nachos)

style: ranzcore
January or February 2005 - late 2006, mid 2008 - mid 2010, RIP
line-up: Gag on drums, guitar, ukulele & vocals / JuVo on drums, guitar, bass & vocals


style: death metal
October 2003 (formed with a different name) - mid 2010 (officially December 2012), RIP
line-up: Gag - vocals / Tom - guitar / Theo - bass / Eli - drums

- "Demo '05" demo CD-R (under a different name - late 2005)
- "Demo '07" demo CD-R (late 2007, re-release late 2008)
- "Emptiness EP" pro CD-R (March 2009)

(Sewage Cocktail)

style: gorenoise / goregrind
August 2008 - February 2010, RIP
line-up: Gorefreak on drum-programming, guitar & vocals


style: comedy noisegrind
formed in December 2008, RIP
line-up: Gag on drums, guitar & vocals / Shitbubie on vocals & ukulele

- "Noise aus der Anstalt" CD-R (December 2008)



style: harsh noise / noisecore
formed in 2008, on hold
line-up: Ernesto Bohorquez / Jared Balogh / Tomo Soma / G.G. / Norihito Kodama

- "The Thousand Arms Of Compassion" net-release (August 2010)


style: noisecore
formed in January 2011, on hold
line-up: Bohorquez on electronics / Gehmann on drums

- "Side EFX" pro CD-R (March 2011)
- "Shit Noise 9" compilation CD-R (March 2011)


style: noisecore
formed in March 2011, on hold
line-up: Jared Balogh on drums / Ernesto Bohorquez on electronics / Gag on drums

- "Home Edition" 3" pro CD-R (April 2011)
- "Altered State Of Mind - compilation 2011" net-release compilation (August 2011)

ZAHNBEITEL (participation)

style: (harsh) noise, experimental
formed in 1998, I participated in 2011

releases with me:
- "maschinenfleisch" net-release (September 2012)

guest vocals:

- Eternal Mystery "Denial of Truth" (on "The ultimate Death Sentence" CD-R)
- Flactorophia "Decomposed And Foul-Smelling" (on "Whorevisceration" 4-way pro split CD-R)
- Putred Flesh "Lavagem de Sange" (on "A Morte é apenas o Começo" pro CD-R)
- Musikantenstadl Massaker "Diese Seite des Vinyls ist definitiv nicht mehr zu retten" (on the split CD-R with Vomitous Discharge)