DIY-underground-label for harsh noise, HNW, drone, ambient, experimental, noisecore, grindcore...
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Because of an ongoing lack of interest in the VBP-releases, I decided to stop my regular label-activities after the already planned releases are all out (= in January 2015, probably). There will be a batch of new stuff in August 2014 more or less and another final one in December 2014 or so.
After that, VBP will be a label for my own music only again, only releasing stuff irregularly, every once in a while, the way it was in the very beginning in 2007.
This means: VBP will not be dead/RIP soon! It will still go on, just way slower than in the past few years.

As a consequence, please don't ask me about releasing your stuff anymore! Release-submissions of any kind are no longer accepted, no matter what it is! I will reject everything!

Going hand in hand with my decision to drastically reduce the label's activities soon, I also want to clear my distro-stock and get rid of the older VBP-releases that are still available (plus I want to get rid of stuff from my personal collection that I don't need/enjoy anymore). For this reason all my stuff is on sale at the moment! The older VBP-releases have their prices reduced up to 50% and most items from my distro and my personal collection have ridiculously low prices now. Please help me get rid of stuff and buy something if you're interested in some item(s) I have!

I finally updated the distro-list on this page today (everything with the old/normal prices though), however you can always see what's available in my discogs sales-list (there the prices are reduced). This list also contains most of the stuff that I'm selling from my personal collection (the list on this blogspot-page is really outdated), but not everything is in there yet. Find the list here:
To order, you can send me an email or directly order on discogs. Please note that the minimum order-amount is 5€!!!

NOTE from Dec 22nd 2014:
All the stuff is back up for sale, after a break of a few weeks, along with the 3 new VBP releases!